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This book is a treasure for every truth seeker, and I believe our shared love of this quest has brought us here. There is so much we don’t yet know, but our curiosity and wonder urge us to go further and not settle for easy conclusions and convictions. We ponder the deep questions of existence and the meaning of it all, even asking if there is a purpose to life. This book takes us on a unique journey into the heart of our innermost being. We start this adventure by recognizing that only through the soul experience can we come to know who we truly are and, in doing so, unravel the secrets of life. As we walk together, I’ll tell you what I see from my perspective, and you’ll see what unfolds before your inner eyes. Step by step, we’ll develop a mutual understanding and a deeper love of truth, as the darkness that clouds the mind and confuses the intuition gradually gives way to the light of consciousness. Through the eyes of the heart, we’ll catch a glimpse of the eternal nameless one who never dies. And when we feel the light of our truth, we’ll be reunited with our true essence; and through this sacred marriage, a little piece of heaven will come to Earth.

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In “Journey into the Soul,” Angelo explored the fundamental question: Who am I? Now our intrepid seeker embarks on a new adventure by asking himself, “What is my heart telling me?”

Navigating the experiences and challenges of his life, he takes us into a fantastical realm where love knocks down the walls between people’s minds and builds bridges between our hearts. Here we find a world in which we can be free from the regrets of yesterday and the worries for tomorrow, truly living today and fully appreciating each moment.

This book takes us on a unique journey into our own hearts and that of life itself, where stillness speaks and peace and joy await our return home not only at the end of the road but also along the way. When we come to see the true nature of who we are, we can walk fearlessly through any dark tunnel, filling it with our inner light. And in doing so, we lift ourselves and others up the mountain of pure potential.

The Indomitable Silence is a treasure for everyone who longs to experience one’s true self and then wants to bring this understanding into the world and make it a better place for all of us, one heart at a time.

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